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Safetygap provides OHS safety consulting services to workplaces throughout Australia. Contact us on 1300 845 443.

Safetygap - Workplace OHS Safety Consultants Melbourne

Safetygap are OHS safety consultants in Melbourne which provide workplace OHS safety consulting services to clients throughout Melbourne. Safetygap was founded to provide OHS safety consulting services which were accurate, practical and effective. We specialise in Management Systems, Safety Auditing, Chain of Responsibility, Dangerous Goods, Safety Incident Investigations, Occupational Hygiene, Ergonomics and Improvement Notices. We provide a range of OHS services from conducting risk assessments to designing complete management systems for your workplace. For further information please visit the individual areas.

At Safetygap we keep safety simple and provide OHS solutions which are practical for your workplace. Our custom designed approach ensures our services are specifically designed to your requirements. We provide a quick turn around on our services and can accommodate out of business hours requests. We provide regular feedback and keep you informed through the process. We provide services to a diverse range of clients including small business owners to large retailers. Our scope of industries includes, warehousing, transport, health care, hospitality, construction, aviation, manufacturing, educational services, agriculture, and retail.

We provide services to a wide range of industries

Safetygap provides OHS safety consulting services to workplaces in a wide range of industries, including:

Warehousing & Transport
Health Care
Educational Services

Safetygap are a passionate team of consultants who work collectively to support workplaces in managing risks and improving their safety standards.

Our Services

OHS Management Systems

We have extensive experience in developing OHS, environmental, and food safety management systems.

Risk Management

Safetygap's risk management service provides a detailed identification of the hazards, assessment of the risks and recommendations for controls.


Safetygap's ergonomic services include manual handling risk management, ergonomic design assessments, and ergonomic workstation assessments.

Occupational Hygiene

Our occupational hygiene service includes air sampling, noise surveys and lighting surveys.

Chain of Responsibility

We can develop Chain of Responsibility Management plans conforming to the Heavy Vehicle National Law and applicable standards.

Incident Investigations

Safetygap conduct independent investigations into safety incidents and provide a detailed evaluation on the manifestation of the risk.

Dangerous Goods

Our experts can provides guidance on the safe transport, storage, handling of dangerous goods and hazardous substances with compliance to the relevant legislation.

OHS Auditing

We provide a range of auditing services which include internal audits, gap audits, compliance audits and dangerous goods transport audits.

Improvement Notices

Our experts can guide you in addressing improvement notices from the safety regulator or health and safety representatives.

Understand the importance of risk management

Risk can simply be defined as an adverse event which can occur due to an exposure to harm. For a risk to exist, there must be a hazard and an exposure to that hazard. An incident can be defined as the actual occurrence of that risk or adverse event. An incident is essentially the manifestation of a risk. Risk can exist despite the unlikely probability of a risk manifesting.

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