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    Dangerous Goods Consultants

    Dangerous Goods are substances or articles that can pose an immediate hazard to people, property and the environment. The correct management of dangerous goods can be complex due to stringent requirements. Our Dangerous Goods consultants in Melbourne can provide guidance on the safe transport, storage and handling of Dangerous Goods and hazardous substances conforming to the relevant legislation, Codes of Practice and applicable Australian Standards.

    Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods

    In Australia, the transportation of dangerous goods must comply with Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations enacted in all jurisdictions and the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (ADGC) 2018. The ADGC specifies the technical requirements for the transport of dangerous goods by road and rail. These technical requirements include:

    • Labeling requirements
    • Packaging requirements
    • Placarding requirements for vehicles
    • Segregation of dangerous goods
    • Requirements for bulk quantities
    • Requirements for stowage and restraint
    • Safety equipment requirements

    Failure to comply with the ADGC and transport regulations is a legal offence which can endanger the safety of all involved, including the general public.

    Safe Storage and Handling of Dangerous Goods

    Safe storage and handling of Dangerous Goods and hazardous substances is vital for preventing incidents. All jurisdictions have enacted laws which govern the safe storage and handling of Dangerous Goods and hazardous substances. This framework is supported by numerous Australian Standards which prescribe the technical requirements to ensure safety and compliance. Common requirements include:

    • Separation and segregation distances
    • Design and construction of packaging
    • Bunding requirements
    • Operational safety requirements
    • Fire protection requirements
    • Emergency equipment requirements
    • Waste management

    Our Services

    Our Dangerous Goods consultants in Melbourne provide a range of services. Our common services include:

    • Dangerous Goods risk management plans
    • Major Hazard Facilities (MHF) safety case development
    • Expert advice for safe storage, handling and transport of Dangerous Goods
    • Expert advice for management of Major Hazard Facilities (MHF)
    • Auditing and inspection services