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Safety Auditing

Safetygap provides safety auditing in Melbourne and around Australia. We provide an independent safety auditing service conducted by experienced and qualified auditors for the following systems:

  • Safety Auditing of Safety Management Systems – AS/NZS 4801, ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001, NAT, SafetyMAP, InjuryMAP
  • Food Safety Management Systems – HACCP, GMP, SQF 1000, SQF 2000
  • Environmental Management Systems – ISO 14001
  • Chain of Responsibility – ALC Retail Logistics Safety Code, ALC Coal Seam Gas Logistics Safety Code

Our Services

Gap Analysis

Gap analysis is the simplest form of auditing which can determine deficiencies against a particular standard or requirement. There is limited testing of evidence in this method of auditing and is predominately used to measure progress. We provide a gap analysis service for all of the above systems.

Comprehensive Audits

Our comprehensive audits are designed to test and evaluate subjects such as management systems or processes against a particular standard or requirement. Comprehensive audits are an important element of management systems for achieving continuous improvement. We conduct comprehensive audits for the above systems and conduct a thorough evaluation and testing of the system against their respective standards. We provide a detailed report with findings and recommendations for improvement. Our comprehensive audits are ideal for preparing for certification audits.

Compliance Audit

Our compliance audits are suited for workplaces requiring an assessment of compliance with their legal obligations in relation to safety, return to work, environment and chain of responsibility. Compliance audits include a thorough workplace inspection and an evaluation of systems and documentation to assess compliance against legal requirements. We provide a detailed report of findings and provide recommendations for improvement.

Dangerous Goods Transport Audit

Transport of dangerous goods can be complicated due to stringent requirements.  Dangerous goods transport audits are designed for workplaces to ensure they are in compliance with the dangerous goods code and transport regulations. We evaluate compliance in relation to placarding, labeling, packaging, segregation, bulk requirements, stowage, restraint and safety equipment requirements.

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