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Bund Capacity Safety Assessment

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    Bund Capacity Safety Assessment

    The Dangerous Goods (Storage and Handling) Regulations 2022 (Vic) requires occupiers to implement spill containment in areas where dangerous goods are stored or handled. A bund is a structural compound that is used to contain spills. An uncontrolled spill can endanger the health and safety of nearby persons, contaminate the water or ground or cause damage to property.

    Our consultants can conduct a Bund Capacity Safety Assessment in Melbourne to assess the capacity of chemical storage bunds and verify if the capacity is adequate for the materials stored. Utilising specialised equipment, we can assess large areas with high accuracy.

    The bund capacity requirements vary depending on the class of dangerous goods, packing group, and whether the dangerous goods are packaged or in bulk form. A bund must comply with the minimum bund capacity requirements for the materials stored or handled in the area. The bund capacity will be dependent on several factors including, physical dimensions of the bund, any elevations or slopes on the ground surface and the structural condition of the bund.


    Slopes are used in bunds which require vehicle access at the front. Slopes are used to direct the flow of liquid away from the front of the bund to the rear. The level of slope can impact the capacity of the bund. Higher slopes which decrease in elevation generally result in a higher capacity bund. Measuring the amount of slope in the bund is critical in determining the accurate capacity of the bund.

    Our bund capacity safety assessment includes:

    • Measurement of the actual dimensions of the bund including elevations, slopes utilising specialised equipment
    • Calculation of slope and slope angles
    • Modelled diagram of the bund
    • Visual inspection of the bund and identification of any defects
    • Calculation of the safe maximum bund capacity
    • Assessment of the bund capacity against the minimum bund capacity requirements
    • Recommendations

    We can also assist in providing recommendations for the design of new chemical storage bunding in relation to the level of slope, bund heights, and the dimensions required to achieve adequate bund capacity.

    Other Services


    Our other services include conducting ground surveys in Melbourne or measuring any elevations and slopes on the ground for risk management or incident investigation.