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    We provide safety incident investigations in Melbourne and around Australia. Contact us to learn how we can assist your workplace.
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    Common types of incidents we investigate

    • Dropped Trailers
    • Slips/Trips/Falls
    • Manual Handling Injuries
    • Vehicle Pullaways
    • Dropped Objects From Height
    • Load Restraint Failures
    • Falls From Height
    • Moving plant and pedestrian interaction
    • Chemical exposure and release
    • Equipment injuries

    Safety incident investigation

    Safetygap conduct independent safety incident investigations in Melbourne and around Australia. A safety incident investigation is a retrospective evaluation of the entire risk management process to understand how the risk manifested. This can be a complex process depending on the complexity of the hazards and controls. Our safety incident investigations provide you with a detailed understanding on the manifestation of the risk and recommend control measures to prevent further occurrence.

    What is an incident?

    Risk can be defined as an adverse event which can occur due to an exposure from a hazard. An incident can therefore be defined as the actual occurrence of that risk or adverse event. An incident is essentially the manifestation of a risk and shares the same elements of hazard and exposure.

    Types of incidents

    There are two types of incidents. The manifestation of a risk that results in damage (type 1) or the manifestation of risk that does not result in damage (type 2). Incidents which result in damage are classified according to the type of damage that occurs:

    • Injury/fatality – (Damage to person)
    • Property – (Damage to property)
    • Environment – (Damage to environment)

    Incidents which do not result in damage are known as near-hits or dangerous occurrences.

    Did you know?

    It is important to use correct terminology in Safety. Referring to an incident as an 'accident' implies fault and referring to a near-hit as a near-miss reduces the severity of the incident.

    How does an incident occur?

    An incident occurs due to a failure in the management of the risk. This failure can occur in the following stages:

    • Hazard Identification – Failure to identify all hazards or the introduction of new hazards without risk controls.
    • Risk Control – A failure in the mechanism of risk control. (e.g. A safe working procedure not followed).

    Incident Investigation Barriers

    The biggest challenge to safety incident investigations is the absence of detailed information of the incident and a lack of competency in investigation techniques. This can occur due to deficient or non existent incident management processes or a lack of training of individuals in key positions. There can also be a tendency to appropriate blame for an incident rather than acquiring an understanding of how the risk manifested. There can also be a conflict of interest due to various reasons, which can contaminate the effectiveness of the investigation.

    Our Services

    Safetygap’s safety incident investigation process utilises a contributing factors investigation methodology conducted by experienced consultants. We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the incident, hazards, nature of the risk, and implemented controls. Our findings detail the contributing factors that resulted in the incident and provide recommendations for controls to prevent further occurrence.

    Our incident investigation service is not offered to determine issues of liability between entities. Our service is only provided for workplaces to ensure incidents are effectively investigated and effective risk controls are identified.