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Safetygap is an OHS consulting facility providing OHS services in Melbourne and around Australia. We are a passionate team of consultants who work collectively to support workplaces in managing risks and improving their safety standards. We believe all incidents can be prevented through effective and practical safety solutions.

Investing in workplace safety does not need to be an expensive exercise. Every workplace can improve their safety standards by simply improving their communication and consultation with their workforce. Consultation and communication of workplace issues is vital for improving the safety culture and morale in the workplace.

We are highly competent

We are qualified

Our consultants are all formally qualified and are accredited with a degree or diploma in workplace safety.

We are experienced

Our consultants have a minimum of 5 to 18 years of experience working in the safety profession in a diverse range of industries.

We have a large support network

We have access to a large network of support to ensure we have a solution to your problem.

How do we achieve success?

Providing effective and practical safety solutions is embedded in our core values. We achieve success through:

  • Acquiring a thorough understanding of your workplace and operations
  • Maintaining a simple approach to safety
  • Conducting effective communication and consultation
  • Delivering solutions which are specifically designed for your workplace and operations

Contact us if you require OHS services in Melbourne or around Australia.