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    Occupational Hygiene Consultants

    Our OHS consulting services in Melbourne and around Australia include Occupational Hygiene. Occupational Hygiene is the discipline of identifying, evaluating and controlling health hazards in the working environment, which can cause an injury or illness. Health hazards occur in a variety forms which include chemical, physical and biological. Safetygap’s Occupational Hygiene consultants in Melbourne can conduct air sampling, noise surveys, and light surveys.

    Airborne Contaminants

    Airborne contaminants are a common health hazard in the workplace. Airborne contaminants can be defined as fine air particles which can enter the body through inhalation. Airborne contaminants occur in the form of vapours, gas, mist, fumes, and dust. The exposure can occur short term (acute) or over a prolonged period (chronic). Hazardous chemicals are a common source of airborne contaminants.

    There are exposure standards for airborne contaminants, which prescribe the exposure limits for their safe handling. Exposure standards are expressed in the form of Short Term Exposure Limit (STEL), TWA (Time Weighted Average) and peak limitation.

    • STEL is the time-weighted average of a contaminant in a 15 minute period.
    • TWA is the time-weighted average of a contaminant in a 8 hour day and 5 day working week.
    • The peak limitation is the maximum concentration level for a contaminant not exceeding 15 minutes.

    Air monitoring is a legal requirement when airborne contaminants are present in the workplace. Safetygap’s air sampling service includes detailed testing and evaluation of airborne contaminants with recommendations for control.

    Noise Surveys

    Excessive levels of occupational noise can be a health hazard in the workplace. Exposure standards exist which prescribe the maximum levels of noise permitted in the workplace. Exposure standards are expressed in the form of a time weighted average in a 8 hour period and a maximum peak noise level. Safetygap’s noise survey service involves:

    • Identification of all sources of noise in your workplace
    • Measurement of exposure using dosimeters and sound level meters
    • Assessment of the risk
    • Recommendations for control

    Noise surveys can be incorrectly influenced by various factors in the workplace, which can lead to inaccurate results. Our Occupational Hygiene consultants in Melbourne are experienced in acquiring representative data to ensure you obtain accurate results.

    Light Surveys

    Insufficient or excessive lighting can be a health hazard in the workplace, which can lead to incidents and injuries. Standards for minimum lighting levels exist which provide guidance on the minimum lighting levels for:

    • Operation of plant and equipment
    • Working in industrial areas
    • Office work
    • Walkways and emergency exits

    Safetygap’s light survey provides a detailed evaluation of the lighting levels in your workplace in consideration of your workplace tasks, equipment and work environment. Our Occupational Hygiene consultants also assess your workplace for hazardous glare, reflection, contrast and provide recommendations for control.