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Safetygap - Mission - Background


Our mission is to provide effective and practical safety solutions while improving safety awareness.

At Safetygap, we believe one of the challenges for managing safety in the workplace has been the limited access to effective and practical safety solutions. Safety is an unregulated profession and there can be a large variance in the quality of services. We pride ourselves on providing effective and practical safety solutions while improving the awareness of safety in the workplace.


Our vision is to improve the standard of workplace safety by preventing fatalities, injuries and dangerous occurrences.

We believe by providing effective and practical safety solutions, we can empower workplaces to improve their safety standards. We strongly believe all incidents can be prevented and strive to support workplaces in managing their risks and improving their safety awareness.


Our values define who we are and guide us to achieve our mission and vision.

Our values are the framework of our existence which are embedded in all areas of our organisation. We are governed by the following values which guide our actions and conduct at all times.

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